Ok so I feel compelled to write about my experience at Northern Auto Traders. I feel like these guys have been getting nothing but bad reviews.

I'm going to be totally honest; if it wasn't for them I would not be driving. I have sh*t credit and only $1000.00 to put down. I came in there with the illusion of just window shopping. I sat down with one of their sales representative and he explained to me that he would do his best to get me into a car.

The public transportation in New York is ridiculous. The Financial Manager did his thing. I explained to him the situation I was in and what I could afford. I really didn't care what car I was getting into as long as it got me from point A to point B.

They made me realize that I should be excited about a car and should want something that I am going to be contempt with. They made it happen for me!! They hooked me up with a 2006 Audi A6. My car is amazing; I never thought this would be my first car purchase.

I'm grateful and thankful I came to them. They are NOT horrible people at all. Northern Auto Traders did well by me, so I decided to do good by them. I have recommended everyone I know to them.

So future car buyers don't believe the negative hype, keep an open mind and check them out for yourselves.

McGee out

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I better get my $500 depostit back or *** will hit the fan!!! :eek


These Gus are so not professional. They're a bunch of scammers.

If anyone needs me to testify against them in court, just let me know. Myself and someone else who bought a car from them got jacked up, and robbed.





I am in the process of sueing these A-holes. They scammed me out of $6K myself.

I met another person who had a similar situation as well. I am going to file a class action law suit against these crooks but I need more people to join me. Please spread the word. Folks email me at lexaccord@gmail.com.

I can file the class action law suit on my own but in order for court to take me serouisly I would need at least 10 people. Folks don't let these bums get away.

This is our chance to nail these gusy. Please email me.


Just 2 days ago March 14th 2011 I went to this dealership, they had good prices and the cars appear to be in good working condition. I was not buying just there to help a friend.

all was well until they tacked on a charge of 1539.00 to the price. when asked what that was, we were told it's a fee we have to pay back to the city for every car we sell, and it's a fee for inspecting and repairing anything the car needs. I've never heard of that, to me it's their additional profit. However I did not realize by that time my friend had already left a 500 dollar deposit which they said is needed to do a credit check w/ the banks and it's totally refundable even if we did not take the car in question.

And of course now that we told that we are no longer interested in the car, they said they need to charge us a $500 dollar cancellation fee.. See this is not right at all, and it's going to take time for me to get back what they promised I will get back no questions asked.


McGeeTurkey , We all know you are either Fat Cris or Rat Face Inram, Listen you miscreant/excrement of the society, everyone knows you guys are just crooks. for now you still pray on unsuspecting victims that walk into that place where you scam them at gun point.

Everyone knows, its only a matter of time before you end up in jail or even worst. So stop pretending that you are a satisfied costumer happy with the way psychic Cris scammed you.

One other thing ,

I will show up in court and testify against you as holes, I will do all I can to put you all behind bars, and while you are there don't let the soap drop cause is going to Wanka Wanka in your *** all night long. :( :( :( :(

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