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read about them online. everywhere you look they are getting horrible feedback.

don't think you are special, they will try to rob you and they will not refund any deposit. go elsewhwere. they are the worst to deal with. have many lawsuits against them.

cars are defective. been in accidents. fake car faxes. not nice.

irman is a scam. chris hates *** people. they made it personal calling me *** and to go 'f' myself. be careful.

be warned. they are not good people.

dont know how they can sleep at night, or day, or anything. please be warned!

Monetary Loss: $21000.

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If their names don't appear on the documents send the floor dealers to jail, Their names should be on the contracts , I'm certain that those 20 year old *** eaters will break anther interrogation !!! Than you have a confession

Call the news or send an email NY 1, Channel 4, Channel 5 , NBC scam report , make some noise and lets send these crooks to jail.

And if that doesn't work , we can march on City Hall, and demand action , I can see that these *** have scammed a lot of people and are not going to give up .


Yeah they are just a bunch of disgusting individuals with relay bad intention, They tyred to scam me but I didn't go for it, unfortunately they got a 500$ deposit from me and now I'm taking them to court to get it back, that guy IMRAN, he is the brains behind the entire operation and a convicted felon, he is now been sued by some other companies and people for fraud.

They have learned a lot of trikes an how to scam people and they are using them to get away with it. Class action law suite is needed, lets put these people in the ground !!!

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